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Disclaimer-  (of sorts!)  This is just a short FAQ sheet that I put together should someone want more information regarding the Internet and pornography.  This is by no means a comprehensive, nor an unbiased compilation. I support free speech to the fullest extent, but feel that there are those who are abusing this freedom and would put profit from their "product" above the law.  In NO way do I believe that morals should be legislated, but I do believe there should be significant safeguards in place to protect children from inadvertently accessing pornography on the Internet.  

  You can contact me via e-mail with any comments or suggestions or corrections at:  john@cleartraffic.com

Keeping kids safe on the Internet - they are surrounded by pornography.
Would you drop your child off in a neighborhood where more than half of the buildings were adult stores and it was full of predators? Well of course you wouldn't. But if you let your child explore the Internet unsupervised, this is close to what you're doing. You need to know that
60% of all sites on the Internet are pornographic. You child is always 2 clicks away from pornography at any time, even accidentally.

Keeping kids safe on the Internet - they WILL meet a predator in a chat room.
FBI statistics say your child has a 100% chance of meeting a predator in a chat room. Oprah tried this on her show and was contacted in less than 30 seconds. Predators are smart, they will get information from your children, even without them knowing it.

Many kids use AOL Instant Messenger (also called AIM). This is dangerous too, make sure your child does not put personal information in their profile, which anyone can see and use. Make sure they only speak to people YOU know. Here's an example of how predators use even AOL Instant Messenger to get to our childen.

General Statistics on Pornography And The Internet:

  • 60% of all websites on the Internet are pornographic websites (about 1.2 billion).
  • As many as 1 in 4 children who use the Internet regularly, will be exposed to unwanted sexual material, including photos of nude people.  --taken from FiresOfDarkness, .  
  • The most dangerous aspect of the Internet is its use by pedophiles. Child molesters and predators use the Internet to pose as youngsters themselves to communicate with other children, expose them to pornography and arrange to meet them in person. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found that one in five children age 10-17 who regularly use the Internet have received a sexual solicitation while online.
    --taken from National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families (NCPCF)
  • There are computer bulletin boards set up specifically for the seduction of children. They lure kids in with games and establish relationships with them on-line. Then they arrange to meet face-to-face. (1)
  • Chat rooms and instant/private messages are two main tools pedophiles use to contact children on-line. (2)

  • When your child enters a chat room, they have a 100% chance of coming in contact with a sexual predator. 100% CHANCE! The average contact takes 60 seconds. Often it is a predator.

  • 2-4 weeks is the average time it takes for a child to be lured into a personal contact by someone OFF the Internet
  • Child molesters often use pornography to seduce their prey, to lower the inhibitions of the victim and to serve as an “instructional manual”
  • As of September 2000, children were spending 65% more of their time viewing pornography sites then they did on game sites
  • 85% of kids surveyed said their parents didn’t know what they did on the Internet
  • US phone companies estimate 70% of the 500,000 daily calls to dial-a-porn are made by minors who obtain much of their contact information from the Internet
  • An estimated 70% of all pornography ends up in the hands of children
  • The average age of first use for boys is 11 and girls 13
  • The DOJ says “Never before in the history of telecommunications media in the United States has so much indecent (and obscene) material been so easily accessible by so many minors in so many American homes with so few restrictions.”

Internet safety tips.
Here are some great tips to help keep your kids safe on the Internet.

Check out this Internet Safety Quiz for Kids.

How to check if someone is accessing pornographic sites on your computer.

Filters are a great tool, but remember no filter works 100% of the time.  Check our list of Internet filters.

It's not just our kids that are in danger. For adults it's called adult sexual addiction.
More statistics:

  • 70% of the Internet pornography traffic occurs between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
  • 52% of Americans who have Internet access visit sex sites between 1-11 hours per week.
  • Internet pornography now ranks highest of all causes of divorce.
  • If an employee views sexually explicit material on a colleague’s computer, the company can be sued for creating a hostile working environment.
  • 60% of employees receive adult-oriented personal e-mails and view Internet sex sites at work.

If you know somebody who needs help.
They can get absolutely confidential help by contacting www.avenueresource.com. Are they telling you, "there's nothing wrong with it," or "this doesn't affect anyone but me". These are simply not true statements. What is wrong with pornography is....everything. They develop a double life because now they have something to hide. This affects their perspective on life and impacts everyone around them. If they will not get help, then you should still call this number for more help:

AVENUE Resource
For Men: (925) 736-5106 Extension 52
For Wives, Couples and Teens: (925) 736-5106 Extension 53

If you need help.
If you are struggling with sexual addiction, you can get absolutely confidential help, contact www.avenueresource.com. Don't fool yourself, this is not something that's just between you and your computer. It does affect other people. It affects the way you act and react to life. It is affecting your marriage whether you will admit it to yourself or not. Are you spending more time viewing these sites than when you started? This problem will continue to grow. If it isn't a problem, then why do you hide it? Stop it now. Talk to someone who has been through it, understands what you are struggling with and can help you recover. Call this number:

AVENUE Resource
For Men: (925) 736-5106 Extension 52
For Wives, Couples and Teens: (925) 736-5106 Extension 53


1 Olsen, A., Police Chief, Warwick RI, Associated Press, 1994.

2 Cyberangels, 11/19/97, "Kids Online: Issues and risk factors for parents to consider if their kids are using the Internet",http://www.cyberangels.org



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